Luxury travel

An extraordinary experience

Insider access, exclusive rates, unrivaled luxury - there are many thing we all look for when we plan our next gateway. At Chic&Shop these three are just top of the list, because they are the hardest to find.

Chic&Shop takes care of every detail of your trip: your peace of mind is knowing that every detail is studied and planned in order to provide you with the ultimate luxurious experience that appeal to even the most discerning traveller. Now you are in the know.

Private retreats. The best locations at the highest privacy
Our extensive experience ensures you access to the world’s most exclusive boutique hotels, private retreats, luxury resorts.
The most perfect experience to fit your needs and desires, with the highest degree of service and discretion.

Chic dining.Reach the heights of culinary satisfaction
A truly remarkable meal is a memorable event, particularly when taken in the finest restaurant or in a private and exclusive location.
Chic & Shop will make all the arrangements reserving the most sought after tables in the finest restaurants around the world.
And if you are looking for the highest privacy in a charming setting we'll be happy to arrange a table for two (or more)

Chic wellness. An opportunity to pamper yourself
After fashion and style discovery, we can arrange for your immersion into a spa and wellness oasis.
Our relationships with exclusive spas in all of our destinations allow us to shepherd you gently toward an afternoon, or a week of beautiful blissful relaxation.
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