Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples: the Grand Tour of Italy

"There is certainly no place in the world where a man may travel with greater pleasure and advantage than in Italy....
Italy is definately an open-air museum.
Travellers who visit the country are delighted by a unique mix of Italy's unique landscapes and superb traditions, customs and cuisine.
To take the most of an italian experience we have imagined a tour which resonates the Italian grandeur: the Grand Tour of Italy.

Art, archeology and the Vatican museums The 18th century interest in antiquity catapulted travelers towards areas of archeological importance, such as the city of Rome, reached by way of the ancient via Francigena, which runs along the axes which connects the via Aurelia with the via Cassia.
The desire to take their archeological findings back home with them led visitors (and in particular the British) to finance their own excavations. In an attempt to limit this loss of antiquities, the papacy constructed, in various phases, a large museum in which to display its own collections and other more recently acquired exhibits. Thus the Vatican Museums became the foundation for the conservation of Italian archeology.

Southern treasures. Between 1738 and 1748, with the discovery of Pompei and Herculaneum, the enthusiasm for archeology reached fever pitch; drawing scholars to Italy from every corner of the globe. At this stage, the journey Southbound became paramount and travelers inevitably headed to Naples and on to Paestum. The visit to the temples surrounded by a natural landscape considered wild and primitive enraptured the travelers to such an extent that rivers of ink were consumed to describe it.

A lasting love affair An  itinerary following in the footsteps of their 18th century counterparts still has its fair share of surprises, such as the park of the Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli, situated in the zone of the Baratri Tiburtini, where the river Aniene transforms into a stunning waterfall.
Such was the case of Lord William Beckett, who never again left his beloved Ravello, one of the jewels of the Amalfi Coast, and built an incredible villa here, mixing styles and eras, antiquities, and memories of his exotic journeys.
This is where today's exclusive Hotel Villa Cimbrone, the setting for the whirlwind love affair between Greta Garbo and Leopold Stokoswky, can be found.

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