Vatican City and Sistine Chapel

Vatican City is a sumptuous theatre of power and glory created by Renaissance and baroque artists. At the heart of it all is of course the Sistine Chapel with the paintings of Michelangelo that float on the ceiling above and loom on the altar wall.
The dome of St Peter's Basilica. Conceived by the architect Bramante in the early 16th-century, worked on by his successor Raphael, then by Sangallo, before it was finally set on the course to reality by Michelangelo, who raised its drum and left designs to be completed with mild alterations after his death in 1564, this is the supreme monument of the Renaissance. Below it spreads a masterpiece of the baroque, the exuberant 17th-century piazza shaped by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, with its enfolding colonnaded arms crowned by myriad statues.

Even the stone is special: a perforated, riven limestone found outside Rome, called travertine, allowed the Vatican architects to give their creations a particular heavenly grandeur. Bernini's massive columns circling St Peter's piazza are tubes of travertine. The facade of the basilica itself, built by Carlo Maderno in the early 17th century, also uses this noble material.

The Vatican is a collective creation seething with mystery. We'll be happy to guide you through a fascinating itinerary that resonates of some of the most beautiful paintings, sculptures, buildings and public spaces on earth.

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