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Introducing you to the paradise of fashion.

Chic&Shop provides professional consulting on what, where and how to buy. From private client styling services along with personal shopping and corporate gift buying, Chic&Shop makes your shopping more fun and productive.
An experience tailored for you
All of our tours can be customized to include personalized shopping excursions as part of the private cultural touring. All shopping is tailored to the needs and interests of each traveler, and there is no additional cost for this special service.

Shopping is an attitude
With our territorial expertise, our staff can interpret customers’ needs and meet all of their requirements, including advice on personal style, interior décor, art de la table, classical and contemporary artworks, the search for precious, original gifts, and on the exclusive opening of show rooms.

Our shopping tours include:

- Highly personalized shopping and sightseeing itineraries;
- Insider access to off-the-beaten-track sources and specialists dealing in authentic goods of the highest quality
- Private specialist experts — discerning shoppers and collectors themselves !
- full-service logistical assistance such as packing and shipping from point of purchase to your home.

Chic Shipping. No extra baggage
Leave your vacation confident that everything you have carefully selected and purchased will arrive at you doorstep before you do! We will arrange the packing, shipping and delivery. Chic, isn't it?
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