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Chic Tours

We will design your shopping tour considering all your needs and you will benefit from our longterm expertise.
Just take a look at some tours!
Chic 24. A whole day, or less
Imagine a whole day, or less, dedicated to you discovering some of the most unusual and charming shops. We will help you find the perfect items to take home. No matter what little time you have!

Chic Tasty tour
A tour that introduces you to the finest names in local gastronomy.  Visiting both food & wine shops, along with some temples of gastronomy,  you will discover the finest regional products.  The tour  includes tastings and  personal product recommendations.

Chic baby tour
We  will help you discover the best shops for babies and children, from couture to toys, so that you and your child will be absouletely trés chic!
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