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Devoted to your vows
Your wedding is an intensely personal affair and memories of your day should dance in your mind forever.

With our unparalleled network of exquisite locations, master chefs, professional musicians, and award-winning florists, Chic& Shop will help your dream take flight.
Chic Logistics. That's all it takes!
A successful wedding is comprised of a million and one details, all seamlessly woven together. Our careful and loving attention to detail will be focused on the underlying critical facets of your wedding, from procuring the proper legal documents to render you husband and wife, to the prompt arrival of the musicians, to the rental of the limousines, to the selection of the appropriate hairdresser.

Wedding attire
Your wedding is a collection of intimate details that all add up to a life-time of memories. How you and your wedding party are dressed is an integral part of these memories. Chic & Shop’s understanding of color, fashion and the interrelationship between a venue and photography allows us to help you select the most beautiful and tasteful wedding party attire. We also specialize in antique and modern bridal dresses and veils and look forward to helping you decide in which combination you look most beautiful.

Themed ambience
From a barefoot wedding on the beach, to a black tie affair, to a picnic in a meadow of wild flowers, Chic & Shop has the experience to collaborate with you in creating every detail of your dream wedding scenario.

Your honeymoon
Chic & Shop will help you cap off an incredible public display of commitment with an equally stirring honeymoon.
From a secluded and exclusive island, to a world tour, and everything in-between, Chic & Shop will specifically tailor a romantic get-away just for you, the newlyweds.
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